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Let us show you.

Sometimes you have to just see it!

We strive to make your event memorable with our customization options. We offer a wide range of design for your backdrops, props, start screens, and photo print templates, allowing you to customize your photo booth experience to your liking.

Carrie and Hank.jpeg


These are options for the backdrop behind guests when they take pictures at the booth! (Included with BOOTH PLUS and BOOTH PRO BOOKINGS unless otherwise marked.)

Our Phones

These are options for the Audio Guestbook packages. If you would like to book an audio guestbook, please select which phone style you would prefer or let us know if you have found one and we can convert it for you for an additional charge.

Phone 5
Phone 3

Start Screens

These are design options for the screen guests see when they first approach the booth! The booth displays photo options at the bottom of the screen, so these templates have already left enough room for those application options. Note that names, dates and any words you find are customizable!

Photo Strip Templates

Our professional photo printers print high quality photo strips in seconds! If you've selected to add a printer to your event, please choose from one of the templates below and let us customize for you! Note that the printer will be set to automatically cut each 4" x 6" photo down the middle creating 2, 2" x 6" photo strips. Photos can still be shared digitally from the application.

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